Company Profile

Industry Leader for Over 30 Years

With over 30 years as an industry leader in the fiberglass tank industry, Fiber Enterprises continues to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. We have proven through the years that we can meet the expectations of our customers, both with product and service. Led by our experienced plant manager, all of our employees show pride in their work and a thorough knowledge of how to manufacture a superb, watertight fiberglass tank.

Professional and Personal Approach towards Business

At Fiber Enterprises, we provide a knowledgeable, professional and personal approach through our company’s total commitment to our products and the people who purchase them, our valued customers.

More specifically, we are aware that each site has its unique challenges. Whatever your needs and specifications, we will work with you, your health departments, engineers, and installers to create the tank that fits your specific requirements. We will then have your order ready for you at the time you need it.

Excellent customer service is Fiber Enterprises' total commitment to you.

Why are fiberglass storage tanks so prominent today? The origin of fiberglass tanks resulted directly from the shortcomings posed by both steel and concrete tanks. Fiberglass tanks are rustproof, safe to the environment and have proven through the decades to be long lasting. Many of the first fiberglass tanks initially installed back in the 1950’s still remain actively in service today. Many of the major oil companies specify that “only” fiberglass tanks can be used for their underground fuel storage installations. Fiberglass tanks are lightweight and can be delivered to the most difficult sites. Fiberglass tanks are specified today for wineries, restaurants, r-v parks and residential homes and communities.

A quality product is our employees’ commitment to you.

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